A Guide to Balloon Display costs

One of the first questions I get asked with any new enquiries is, 'how much does a balloon arch/display cost?' Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try my best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

Balloon displays (or aches) is much like the purchase of a car, with so many options available. For example a car can cost £20,000 but when you start adding heated seats, leather trim, sports kits and alloy wheels that £20,000 car will quickly start adding up to a £40,000 car. The same can be said for event displays, the more you add the more the price increases.

As much as social media, such as Instagram, can be a really powerful tool there is a sizeable amount of content which can also lead to disheartenment - cue the term - 'Instagram-able', or what can also be known as 'unrealistic'.
Let's be honest we all post when we are looking our best, or for a business post, 'its our best work'. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it when a client sends me an image of an idea, it helps visualise a certain look or theme, or a general idea of concept or structure, I actually encourage sometimes to go look onto Pinterest or Instagram, but we must go in with our eyes open and with a rather large pinch of salt. 
Jungle theme balloon arch


Why does this happen?

Well its simply because we don't understand the true value of what things can actually cost and why it costs the price it does.  

Unfortunately some people, understandably, only focus on the price with the goal of finding the cheapest balloon artist to create a certain look or display, therefore sacrificing quality and service, which can inevitability turn to regret, especially as unlike with a car, a balloon display can not be traded in if its not right or faulty.

Ok, balloons can be replaced, but there's only one display to capture on your photos for that event you have already most likely forked out a pretty penny for. 

Some of the most common add ons for Balloon Displays can include

  • Size
  • Chrome Balloons
  • Neon Signs
  • Sailboards
  • Personalisation
  • Light up numbers
  • Additional Props
  • Florals/Foliage 
  • Custom Cut outs
  • Licensed characters (i.e Disney)
  • Set up location 

As you can see there are many different options in styles for displays or arches. When someone receives a quote from us, we thoroughly factor in and educate our clients on the benefits of adding these features and whether they would work or not. 

'Typically' a standard Balloon arch at around 3/4m arch to go up and over a door frame can cost between £100-£200 

Sailboard displays generally starts at around £200 upwards -these can get very large if you want multiple boards.

Light Up Number displays from around £200 - £350


So why do they cost these prices? 

Well let's look, When installing a number display over the weekend in a local bar in Manchester, one guy turned around to me and said 'I really like that, how much would that set someone back then?' In which my response was;

'My client has paid £250' 

Of course the man in the bars initial reaction was, 'wow you're doing all right then?'

I of course laughed a little and very kindly explained 'well, if you factor in the cost of the balloons Ive used here (£70) plus the price it costs me to purchase these light up numbers (£250) then I have to maintain those numbers in regards to cleaning, repainting, PAT testing, storage (all of which cost time and money) Then there is getting everything here into Manchester (van running costs, travel - 16 mile round trip) My time in blowing up these balloons up the day before (2 hours) loading the van and Installing here at the venue (2 hours) oh, then I have to come back on a Sunday morning to collect - (another 16 mile round trip) and over an hour of my time. Then let's not forget the tax man wants a cut, then there isn't actually much left in the pot to keep running a 'business' of which there is of course - overheads. 

Of course I didn't even mention the time spent messaging, emailing, invoicing, social media posts, working in stressful environments and making sure we are set and ready in the times we can work within (which can be minimal) 

His answer? 'ah fair enough - you're right and it looks great' 


Im very grateful to all my clients who put their faith into our work to help deliver wonderful events, and alI I want to get from this post is just an understanding of what is involved. Everyone has different tastes, space and budgets, when it comes to event/party decorating and we want to help find a solution to meet all requirements,                                   

Botanical Baby Shower Display

So yes, lets use Pinterest / Instagram as a visual brochure, but lets all get realistic,

Does it look amazing? YES! Is it going to be expensive? MOST LIKELY YES. But what we can do, is work to YOUR budget.

Party planners / decorators are here to help you create your visions in a reality, save you time and take the stress away from party planning



Planning an event? 

Send an enquiry to see how we can help, please include as much information as possible in regards to space, style and of course.. budget.

Let's turn those visions into reality. 







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