Why choose a White Bouncy Castle?

White Bouncy Castle Hire in Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester areas

Why choose a White Bouncy Castle? Well.. personally I think are just 'oh so pretty!' Although for us the suppliers, they are a little tricky to keep pristine and clean, but the general look is worth the extra attention to details. 

White Bouncy Castle

Working with a particular theme? Then add a custom Balloon Arch to your display to take it from 'amazing' to 'unreal'. There is much more we can add to white castles in regards to vinyl and decor as it really is a blank canvas to play around with. 


Getting married? Well why wouldn't you choose a White Bouncy Castle? It suits the day perfectly! 

White Bouncy Castles may be a little more expensive to hire due to the extra maintenance and servicing costs involved in keeping these castles oh so pretty, but they are worth it.. capture those instagram-able moments with your perfectly created White Bouncy Castle.

Here at The Final Edit we not only have one, but two White Bouncy Castles to choose from, our Adults Castle is 15ft x 15ft and is perfect for garden parties and weddings, meaning everyone can take advantage of the fun. 

Our children's castle, is great for both indoors and outdoors, especially indoor venues with low ceiling heights, as it only hits 8ft in height - we haven't found a venue yet it won't fit in!! 

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